Nirmal Hospital has a full fledged Women’s Health Unit” that caters to all the health care needs of women of all ages including, adolescence, Reproductive years, and to the problems of older women.


Nirmal Hospital Provides Comprehensive women health check up programs to screen and diagnose chronic disease, breast cancer and cervical cancer.


Nirmal Hospital offers a well equipped ultramodern labor room where all kinds of obstetric cases including high risk pregnancy are skillfully managed by our highly skilled experienced obstetricians and nursing staff.

Obstetrics facilities :

Gynecology facilities :

Our team of gynecologists along with specialized nurses are committed to provide empathetic and caring touch to all health issues related to women.

Gynec Surgery facilities :

USG : 2D/3D/Live 3D(4D) with colour Doppler Study and TVS(TVT).


The critically ill obstetric patient presents a unique clinical challenge to the intensest because of the maternal physiological adaptions to pregnancy, pregnancy specific conditions which may require critical care management and also the presence of a fetus whose well-being is linked to the mother. Successful maternal and neonatal outcomes for patients admitted to a critical care facility are largely dependent on a multidisciplinary approach to management requiring input from critical care personnel, obstetricians, anesthetists, neonatologists.


The ICUs of Nirmal Hospital are well-equipped with advanced equipment’s to handle high risk pregnancies, and is supported by the best Neonatal ICU in the city, ensuring total care of mother and baby under one roof.


Indication for admission to HDU/ICU.

Thus, Nirmal Hospital offers medical expertise and specialized care to women.

Nirmal Hospital
Chairman Mr. Nirmal

I wish to take this opportunity of sharing with you my vision of providing world-class health services to the people of south Gujarat.

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