The hospital has the high end Wipro GE machine which is used for Echo cardiography and diagnosing of cardiac and vascular congenital and acquired heart disease. Our state of the art Tread Mill Test machine helps diagnose cardiac problems accurately. Services of a qualified doctor available for carrying out the Echo Cardiography and TMT procedures.

Nirmal Hospital
Chairman Mr. Nirmal

I wish to take this opportunity of sharing with you my vision of providing world-class health services to the people of south Gujarat.

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Nirmal Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Ring Road, Surat, 395002, Gujarat-India

Modi children hospital & Nirmal Critical Care Centre,Kakrapar bypass road. Shabridham societyVyara, 394650

Miracle kids I.C.U, 3rd & 4th Floor, Shivani Motors Building, Next to Reshma Row House, Puna Kumbharia Road, Magob, Surat, 395010

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