Women’s Day Special – Panel Discussion Hosted by Nirmal Hospital to Discourse the Importance of Women’s Health

On International Women’s Day, Nirmal Hospital organized out an informative panel discussion on Women’s Health. To commemorate the occasion, Dr. Vikas Desai- technical director (Urban health & Climate resilience Center of excellence), Dr. Jagruti Desai-Laparoscopist & Obstetrician-gynecologist, Mrs. Geeta Shroff-President & Social initiator (Apmrutyu Nivaran Sahay) were invited to add their vital insights into women’s health. The discussion was hosted by Dr. Manisha Panwala-Professor (Department of Business & Industrial Management).

Pannel Discussion on Women’s Day:

These women have achieved great heights in their respective fields and have given a message to society through their achievements. Women are no less than men, and when given the opportunity, they can shine better than their male counterparts.

Here is the image pf the Women's Day panel discussion participents who are givinf each other the gifts for wishing the Women's Day

Dr. Vikas Desai has been a public health & nutrition expert for the last 50 years. Her knowledge and her service to society have been a guiding light for many women & inspire everyone with her tenacity. Dr. Vikas Desai talked about the importance of nutrition in daily life. Be it in non-contagious diseases like diabetes or anything other; Nutrition plays a vital role in overall health. She also shared that nutrients that we get from daily intake of our food are best and cannot be compared to the nutrient pills that we take.

Dr. Jagruti Desai is the president of Surat’s Obstetrics & Gynecology society and has been practicing for 36 years. She is a valuable consultant at Nirmal Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Surat. She shared her essential insights on the least talked about women’s health issue –Menstruation. She spoke about the changes a woman goes through when menstruation starts and when a woman should visit a gynecologist. Her insights were beneficial in creating much-needed awareness about menstruation.

Mrs. Geeta Shroff has been a Social Initiator working for the last 33 years. She shares an excellent point on how women need to establish healthy communication within their close circle. And, if they are undergoing any problem in any part of the body, they must shun the shame and talk about it with their close ones. Accepting her body and taking proactive steps to take care of her health is the way a woman is empowered. Her insights and research provided a lot of values that, when followed, can lead to better health for women.

Nirmal Hospital has been at the forefront of making a positive change in society. They have been continuously working to make quality healthcare accessible for all. The latest technology and experienced doctors have made a mark in the community as the best Multi-specialty hospital in Surat.

Don’t worry if you miss this talk, you can watch the panel discussion here:-