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What are the Necessary Precautions That Must Be Taken in the First 28 Days of a New Born

The New Born is an enjoyable time for most new parents. It is a time to celebrate, especially for first-time parents. It is even when the mother and the child need a great deal of medical assistance and family support.

One of the most vital skills that a new parent must learn is handling a newborn. Neonates and infants are still to develop their robust immune systems. It makes them vulnerable to infections. Parents should be aware of a good neonatologist in Surat who is always accessible. For some daily care, below mentioned are a few tips for handling a newborn –

Everyday care for New Born

  • Wash/sanitize hands before handling a New Born.
  • Always support the child’s head and neck while lifting or carrying a New Born.
  • Never shake the baby. 
  • Always hold the New Born securely and sway gently to soothe the baby.
  • Avoid bouncing or jiggling an infant.
  • Babies require proper clothes, that would cover them totally, especially the head, hands, and feet. They must not be overclothed as well.
  • Vaccination should be considered the most cost-effective way of health for infants.

Feeding essentials for new born babies 

  • The baby must be given only breast milk during the first six months after birth 
  • Breastfed infants pass water-like stools after the first 3-4 days, especially after each feed which is normal for them.
  • An infant, who is feeding well, maybe pass urine at least 8-10 times a day.
  • An infant sleeps for almost 3-4 hrs in between feeds.

Bathing Basics for New born

  •  Avoid the use of soap or harsh shampoo during the first few weeks.
  • Make sure to support the baby’s neck and head while washing the body by using a washcloth along with a mild cleanser once the umbilical cord stump is healed.
  • Babies don’t require Kajal, Surma, Talcum powder, or a daily bath. Bathing must be postponed for the first few days after birth. A golden rule to abide by is to delay the first bath till the umbilical cord falls off.
Here is the image of the new born baby who is sleeping on the bed of the best multi speciality hospital in Surat At Nirmal Hospital.

Bonding and Soothing a New-born infant 

The first few days, once the baby is born, are wonderful when most parents learn to soothe, swaddle, and bond with the baby. Be gentle with the infant during these first few days. Most babies benefit from skin-to-skin contact with the infant.

Sleeping Basics for Babies

  • Newborn babies sleep anywhere between 2 to 4 hours at a time. This indicates that parents need to wake up multiple times at night for feeding or changing the baby.
  • It is vital to place babies on their backs they are placed in the crib. This reduces the chances of sudden infant death (SID )syndrome.
  • Regulate the room temperature between 27 C and 29 C to keep the baby warm and cozy.
  • It is a good idea to remove stuffed animals, pillows, toys, and blankets from the crib.

Consulting a newborn specialist

One might need to talk to a pediatric neonatologist and learn more about newborn baby care, including –

  • Vaccination schedule for the newborn baby 
  • Expected weight gain during the first month
  • Newborn reflexes along with warning signs to look out for
  • Signs of illnesses such as jaundice or infections 
  • Maternal diet to optimize lactation
  • Tracking dirty diapers and keeping an eye for signs of abnormal poop
  • Signs of colic and tips to help relieve colic
  • Follow-up visits to the pediatrician neonatologist 

A mother’s journey begins after a child is born. Expert guidance from a  famous neonatologist is required at every step of the journey. Fortunately, all essential facilities are available under one roof at Nirmal Hospital so that couples can enjoy their parenthood journey to the fullest.

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