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Child care, growth & development: Parenting tips from the best Pediatrician

Child care, growth & development: Parenting tips from the best Pediatrician

From the time a woman conceives to the delivery of the baby and thereafter the series of visits to your Pediatrician Doctor for your Child Care woes, you know your journey of motherhood has begun.

Motherhood is the best phase in a women’s life. The journey is thrilling, and exciting but scary at the same time. The role of a pediatric doctor is vital at every step in this journey. As it deals with any physical and emotional well-being of a child.

A child’s growth and development is the process in which numerous changes are seen in a Child Care. It is a journey from a completely dependent newborn to an independent toddler and thereafter to adulthood. This journey differs from child to child, there is no comparison between the two individual needs or growth or likings or physical & emotional health.

The development of a Child Care inculcates physical, emotional and social growth. These aspects are intrinsically related to each other. Physical development makes the child capable to fit in socially using his emotional intelligence. Each child has its own growth curve and at every stage systematic guidance from your child’s pediatrician doctor is essential.

Right from birth, the growth and development of a child are measured by keeping a few set milestones. Of course, the time these milestones are reached differs from child to child. Knowledge of these at various stages in a child’s life is vital for parents. That’s where your pediatrician doctor comes in, to guide you at every stage.

The most important stage:

  • Newborn & infant
  • Toddler
  • School years (primary & middle)
  • Adolescence

Newborn & Infant Newborn infants require special care as their body adapts gradually to the external world. Some may face specific challenges right after birth. For such emergency and critical care, there are special NICUs and PICUs available in hospitals in Surat.

Now there are experienced and best pediatric neonatologists in Surat, guiding you at every stage to overcome emergencies after birth.  Also, some congenital diseases are detected by an expert gynecologist at the maternity hospital in Surat. Fortunately now for all emergency & critical care of a child, the best pediatrician and Neonatologist are available in Surat.

Points to keep in mind during infancy years

Nutrition After birth the weight of a child reduces by a few grams and after 2 weeks it starts to grow and gain weight. During the first 6 months mother’s milk is considered complete nutrition for a child. Thereafter some soups, juices and semi-solid foods are introduced. If you feel your child is not adapting to the nutritional requirements please consult a pediatric doctor timely.

Vaccination For a regular vaccination schedule please consult a pediatrician doctor.

Milestones During the first few months, a lot of changes are seen in a baby. They start developing vital skills like turning, smiling, and crawling. Each child follows its own timeline. No two babies’ milestones can be compared. Some may be ahead in some areas while lacking in others. If you feel any abnormality or delay developmental signs, pediatricians in Surat are available at a hospital near you.

Pediatrician Doctors can tell if the baby is developing as expected considering the regular checkups, growth and milestones achieved. A prematurely born baby or baby born with any defect or abnormality will have totally different growth stages from a normal baby. Talk to your child’s pediatrician doctor regularly about your baby’s progress.

Do not delay a pediatrician doctor’s visit if a child;

  • does not respond to sound
  • does not respond to movement
  • does not move hands and legs in coordination
  • cannot digest milk or food given
  • delay in achieving a milestone
  • regular tummy aches
  • delay in teething

As you observe the growth and development of your child day in and day out get alert if you find any abnormal behaviour and discuss timely with your pediatrician.

As the child grows gradually to its school years and then to adolescent years, a number of doubts and problems are faced by parents. Always consult a pediatrician doctor as they are trained to diagnose and treat growth, development and other health issues faced by infants, toddlers, children, teens and adolescents.

An experienced pediatrician earns your child’s trust over the years and can detect the potential problem as knows your child’s growth chart. Always discuss your child’s progress with a pediatrician doctor

Few parenting tips from the best pediatrician:

  •  Do not compare two children, even if they are siblings. All have their unique identities pertaining to growth, development, and achieving milestones.
  •  Do not skip immunization. Take timely vaccines as advised by your child’s pediatrician doctor.
  •  Nutrition and growth go hand in hand. A healthy well-balanced home cooked meal has no replacement and is ideal for growth.
  •  Do not neglect the sleep cycle. Sound sleep is vital for a baby’s growth
  •  Consult an orthopedic pediatrician doctor, if you observe any musculoskeletal abnormality or bone deformity during the developmental stage.
  •   Give medicines to your child as per the pediatrician doctor’s guidance only.
  •  Always consult a pediatrician doctor timely for seasonal allergies and flues. Do not let it get chronic
  • Talk to your child politely. Know his likes and dislikes. Do not lose your temper.
  •  Reduce screen time

A mother’s journey starts after a child is born. Mother is as new to a world as her child is. An experienced and expert pediatrician doctor plays a vital role in this journey. Expert guidance from the best pediatrician is required at every step of a journey.

A place where all the needs of a mother and a child are satisfied. There are multi specialty hospitals in Surat that caters to all these aspects. Best maternity ward with a highly experienced gynecologist, Neonatal unit & NICU with the latest machines for emergency and critical care of a newborn, best neonatologist, and best pediatricians for further growth years. Fortunately, all these facilities are available under one roof so you can enjoy your motherhood journey to the fullest. 

Nirmal Hospital is one of the best multispecialty hospitals in Surat. They have the best team of neonatologists in Surat who provide the best possible care for newborn babies. The hospital has a well-equipped neonatal intensive care unit NICU in Surat that provides round-the-clock care for premature and sick newborn babies. The hospital also has a well-trained team of pediatricians, pediatric surgeons and other specialists who provide comprehensive care for children of all ages.