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5 Essential health goals of child health that need a trusted pediatrician

A pediatrician plays a vital role in the growth and development of a child health. A pediatrician doctor’s care starts right from the birth of a child to the adolescent years. The purpose is to improve the quality of life of a child and the family.

The primary goal of pediatric care is to make a child independent to adjust to the outside world. For a child to be healthy and happy, it is essential that the mother is physically and emotionally fit. For new mothers, the experience of childbirth and the series of changes that occur thereafter can be overwhelming. Proper guidance, support and care are needed at every step.

The development and growth in the first few years are very significant in successive years of a child’s life. If all the essential health goals are met suitably then the journey from infant to toddler to early years to teenager to adulthood becomes extremely easy. Most parents have a lot of queries during such a developmental stage.

This article will help you tackle with few problems and provide guidance about the developmental stages of a child.

Five stages of a child health development are:

  • Newborn
  • Infant
  • Toddler
  • Early school years
  • Teenage

At each stage a milestone is reached by a child. It varies from child to child by a few months or years. It helps the parents to understand what to expect at what stage. It is necessary to identify the delay or a problem if any milestone is not attained.

Below is the child health development and growth guide for the first few months:

Month 1: Eye movement HearingMonth 2: Holding objects Smile Holding headMonth 3: Steady head Recognizing people Rolling on side
Month 4: Responds to talking Roll over Playing with toysMonth 5: Can be introduced soups and juices Raising headMonth 6: Tries to sit Teeth may appearlmitating sounds

Few of the essential health goals which that require guidance from a pediatrician doctor are:

  • Teething
  • Walking
  • Nutritional requirement at every stage
  • Speech
  • Social & emotional skills
  • Teething

It is a special privilege to become parents. The care, support and love from family are vital to keeping a baby healthy and happy. A growth plan and milestones should be discussed from time to time with your pediatrician doctor.