Fully Automatic Cell Counters. Sysmex-Japan. L-KX21 Five parts differential. R-K1000 Five part differential


Fully automatic Biochemistry Analyzer(EM 360). Made in Germany


Blood Gas Analyzer. AVL Compact 3 (Roche) made in Austria


Bactec 9050 automated Blood Culture system

  • Lab Technicians

    In its quest to provide quality patient care the hospital is ably supported by the pathology department. The department has a qualified team of Pathologist, Lab Technicians and Phlebotomists along with the state of the art equipment. Special features of the department are:

  • Services full time

    Services of two full time Pathologists and a Microbiologist available

  • Department equipped

    Department equipped with state of the art equipment like Bio Chemistry Analyzers, Arterial Blood Gas Analyzers, Elisa Reader Cell Counters etc.

  • Round the clock working

    Round the clock working department. No emergency charge taken during night and on sundays.

  • Institution of Antibiotic

    The department has recently installed Bactec 9050 Automated Blood Culture System in the Microbiology department which results in very early detection of disease causing organisms leading to early and judicious institution of antibiotic therapy.

  • Reports

    Prompt and accurate delivery of reports.

  • Quality control

    Strict monitoring of quality control techniques.

  • Sample Collection from Home

    Home collection facility.