Diabetic Clinic

Diabetic Clinic

We are running a diabetic clinic every month for patient education, patient compliance and for control of diabetes. We are investigating for microalbuminuria, doppler test, ophthalmic examination, ECG, TMT/Stress Test, 2D echo for prevention and treatment of end organ damage caused by diabetes. We are running special cousultation for dietary advice by dietitian & exercise by physiotherapist as ideal weight maintainance plays a key role in diabetes management.


  • Life is sweet. But if accompanied by diabetes, it becomes bitter to live with.
  • Diabetes or high blood sugar is not at all that fatal by itself. The consequential damages caused to nerves, legs, foot, heart, eyes, kidneys and pancreas is what makes diabetes actually lethal.
  • Diabetes is one of the most widely spread diseases in the world. Though it's not fatal by itself, it can cause severe damage to nerves, legs, foot, heart, eyes, kidneys and pancreas. We at Nirmal Hospital Private Limited strive to infuse hope and peace in even the most severe diabetic cases.


  • Consultation by best team of Doctors
  • ECG Resting
  • Affordable, beneficial and high quality laboratory facilities for all diabetes related investigations
  • Equipments to assess Insulin resistance and Serum Insulin assays useful for asymptomatic blood relatives of diabetes
  • 2D echo with color Doppler to assess heart pumping (ejection fraction) in a diabetic
  • Ophthalmic examination of every diabetic patient
  • Facilities of Diabetes Educator and Dietician
  • Doppler: Vascular Doppler
  • CGMS: Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Services provided:

  • Screening for diabetes in asymptomatic persons, especially high risks groups and first degree relatives of diabetics
  • Treatment of diabetes and diabetes related complication
  • Attempt to prevent diabetes and care to prevent complications caused by diabetes
  • Extensive and elaborate monitoring for pre-operative and postoperative diabetic patients
  • Giving full understanding of the disease to the patient
  • Establishing and applying Indian protocol to fight diabetes

SMBG (Self Monitoring Blood Glucose):

  • SMBG is a simple Glucometer that helps the patient take his blood sample at home and measure blood glucose within one minute. It is very helpful when patient is in position of Hypoglycemia and sickness and also for routine check up. Patient need not always go to a laboratory for investigation. It is now available at very reasonable rates in market.